Builds and Beams by Di

is an Architectural, Construction and Project Management company that has evolved over two decades of consistent, high quality, well priced building and design projects.

Builds and Beams ethos is one of integrity, quality, uncompromising standards and hands-on management involvement.

Backed by a highly competent architectural and a talented construction team, Diane Cowan, owner and founder, and one of the few women in the industry, adds the element of strong organisational skills and aesthetic relevance to the stringent technical aspects of building and project management.

With over 20 years in the construction, architectural design and project management industries, we’ve always been the local go-to for advice with regards building and architecture. We bring experience and the ability to offer insight on projects ranging from large corporate spaces to small business locations to intimate and extravagant homes alike. We merge the creative with the practical, often finding unique solutions to the array of problems that come with home improvements and the built environment.


Pools are investments and should be seen as such. So, like any investment you have to do your homework before investing.

Windows & Doors

Updating your windows will bring major changes to your home’s aesthetics and mechanics. Builds & Beams by Di is about to let you in on designers’ best keep secrets to help you make informed (and stylish!) decisions.

Heating & Cooling

Air-conditioners are a great way to keep your space cool, but as with all home improvements and amenities, ACs need to be carefully thought out and considered.

Alternate Energy

Builds & Beams by Di has compiled a list of alternate energy sources and their explanations to help you make the best decision for your specific needs.

Construction (Open Plan)

Going open plan can often lead to extra costs and can have significant structural implications. You need to access the load-bearing aspects of the walls to be removed.

Ceilings & Dry Walls

When renovating your home, you often get blindsided by your ceilings. Sometimes they don’t match or are different heights. Of course, it’s not the best surprise to stumble upon, but redesigning your ceilings can be pretty fun!

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