Ceilings & Dry Walls

redesigning your ceilings can actually MAKE A


The type of space matters.

What is the room used for? Ceiling designs vary from bedroom to bathroom to lounge. Generally, a ceiling design will be more intricate in living spaces as opposed to in bathrooms. There is also the option of uniform ceilings throughout your house. It all depends on your personal style, taste and needs, as well as the actual interior of the house.

Understand the style of your interior.

You have to make sure that the ceiling design complements the already existing interior style. For example, a more modern interior could perhaps do well with a drop ceiling (bulkheads) and recessed lights, perhaps even including some texture.

Lighting positions are more important than you think.

How you position your ceiling lights can impact how you design ceiling. The opposite is also true. Just make sure the ceiling and the positioning of lights are aligned in order to get the stunning ceiling you want.

Real or artificial, skylights bring extra light to a room. You can even create the illusion of natural light through the installation of hidden fittings and filtered light.

Ceiling heights can define your space.

Dropped ceilings or bulkheads can be used to create features, define spaces and add atmosphere to a space. When you use Builds and Beams, aesthetic impact is part of the deal. Aspects for the property owner to consider include an assessment of your specific limitations i.e. if you have low ceiling, you can’t add more drop ceilings, but you could use colour to ensure you open up the space and make the room feel bigger. For low ceilings, approach textures with caution. Make the most of your space.

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